Polaris PWC Parts

Polaris (Polaris industries) is one of the oldest manufacturers of snowmobiles, neighborhood electric vehicles and all-terrain vehicles in the United States. It was founded in 1954 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company was founded by few people who were known for their innovative ideas. They were among the first people who have created a practical snowmobile. They have literally brought revolution in this type of transportation. They’ve used the profit to invest in other types of vehicles like previously mentioned ATVs, neighborhood electric vehicles and even motorcycles (through two of their subsidiaries). Although they had several successful watercraft models they have decided to stop with their production in 2004.

Polaris PWC Overview

The desire to provide vehicles that can operate on unorthodox terrain has been present in Polaris designer team from the moment this company was founded. After the great success they had with their snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and few other types of vehicles, about four decades later they have decided to produce their first Polaris pwc (personal watercraft). Their first SL 650 was accepted very well by the users and they have continued with their successful work in the next years. In the beginning they have used the help of Fuji for the engines. After four years they’ve started using domestic engines. Polaris had several different generations of watercrafts and they all have their unique features. Some of them used carburetors others used 3-cylnder, 2-stroke and few other types of engines. Polaris PWC solutions were known for their interesting design and great performance. However, near the end of 2004 Polaris industries decided to stop producing PWC and stay focused on snowmobiles and similar vehicles. It turned out that the competition was too strong and they simply couldn’t compete without paying more attention in this sector something that they were not prepared to do. Nevertheless, Polaris PWC remain to be popular because they can still provide fast and fun rides. They are easy to maintain and you can easily find both new and used Polaris jet ski parts. Now let’s check the most popular models produced by Polaris.

The most popular Polaris PWC models

Polaris SL 650

Although it took a while for Polaris to decide to join this market when they finally realized that there is perspective in watercraft market they’ve presented the fastest PWC of all time – Polaris SL 650. This was also the first time when Polaris and Fuji cooperated. This particular model had a 2-stroke Fuji engine with three cylinders and 647 cc. With 68 hp it could develop 6350 RPM. It came with a solid 3.5 quarts oil reservoir and 9.8 gallons of fuel capacity. It had a rider capacity for up to 2 persons. Users are especially satisfied with the stability it provides in rough waters. Although this model is more than 2 decades old you can often find people buying used Polaris pwc parts for this particular model.

Polaris Pro 785

This model was produced between 1997 and 2000 and although the models produced later had few extra features they were more or less the same. This is practically a race model used by pro racers. Of course, people who enjoy jet skiing loved this model too. What is important to mention about this model is that it uses a tuned and modified 785 cc Fuji engine with triple exhaust pipes something that is not quite common in PWCs. If we take a look at the upper deck we won’t notice much difference from the one found in Polaris SL 2-seater models. However, the main difference is in the lower hull which was specially designed for competitive racing. This is a very lightweight hull which together with the powerful 140 HP engine creates ideal preconditions for successful racing. Experienced racers know that this model provides performance that can be compared with modern watercrafts of this type which is why people are still looking for used Polaris jet ski parts.

Polaris Freedom

Polaris freedom series come are designed as 3-seat model with weight capacity of 656 lbs. It comes with a Full V hull made of SMC. It has a standard boarding handle which has proven to be one of the weak spots in this model. Polaris Freedom PWC comes with in-line two-cylinder, 2-stroke engine with 701 cc. It has solid 95 hp at 6600 rpm which promises fast acceleration. The jet pump has axial-flow and aluminum stator. It has a fuel capacity of 17.8 gal. and oil reservoir capacity of 6 qt. Overall, this is a solid model for both recreational riders and pros.

Polaris Genesis I

This is another popular Polaris PWC which made it on the top lists when it was introduced on the market. It was quite expensive, but definitely worth the price. The havasu-red color that this model has is easily recognizable. This is one of their rare models that has a rider capacity of 4 persons which is why it offers weight capacity of 625 lbs. Unlike Freedom version, this one has Modified full V hull type. Even the material used in this model’s hull is different – fiberglass-reinforced composite. It comes with impressive 135 hp @ 6700 rpm and domestic Polaris Marine 1200, in-line three-cylinder and 2-stroke engine. Another thing that’s unique about this model is the dominator short jet pump with stainless steel 6-vane stator. It uses 89 octane fuel and has a capacity of 17.8 gal. The oil reservoir capacity is fixed on 6 qt.

Polaris Virage I

This model of PWC is slightly cheaper than Genesis and has a maximum rider capacity of 3 people. It comes with the most common hull type for Polaris PWC – Full V. Things such as boarding handle, passenger handle, seat strap and traction pads come in a standard version. Polaris used a solid domestic Marine 800 DI, in-line two-cylinder, 2 stroke engine with 100 hp at @6600 rpm. It uses the same jet pump as Polaris Freedom. The fuel capacity is standard (17.8 gal.) and the oil capacity is about 6 qt.