Yamaha Waverunner Parts

Yamaha is a multinational company from Japan, founded in 1887. This conglomerate offers wide range of services and products and it first started as reed organ and piano manufacturer. It was first known as Nippon Gakki Company when it was founded by Torakusu Yamaha. After the World War 2, Yamaha decided to get involved in some other markets too. They were especially focused on developing sports motorcycles. Today, Yamaha is one of the largest manufacturers of musical instruments (especially guitars, woodwinds, brass instruments, drums etc.), but it also ranks well as a manufacturer of computer parts, semiconductors, home appliances, robots and waverunners.

Yamaha Waverunner Overview

Impressed by the results their rivals had, Yamaha has decided to start producing watercrafts too. Although they have started about 10 years after Kawasaki introduced their first PWC on the market, Yamaha Waverunner models were trying to use the existing technology spiced with their own specific technological solutions. They have emphasized their creativity right through their first model that was actually a small watercraft with a specific seat that allowed riders to get on it and dismount really easy. This was a unique solution never seen before and a good start for the company in this area. This model didn’t have any parts that stick out on the hull’s bottom which improved the riders’ safety. Another thing that made Yamaha’s waverunner model different is the small-engine technology. Although the primary use of these watercrafts is recreational activities they are used by professional riders for competitions too. Today these WaveRunners are used in more than 130 countries around the world and they have sold thousands of these watercrafts. Thanks to their quality both old and new models are equally popular and with the help of the cheap used WaveRunner parts that can be found easily on the Internet, riders don’t have to worry about repairs. In order to get a better view on Yamaha PWC models, perspective riders should check their best-selling models.

Best-Selling Yamaha WaveRunner Models

WaveRunner 500

This is where it all started. Yamaha introduced this model in 1986 and as previously mentioned, this was the first sit-down type of PWV with open stern production. The modern PWC market would have been completely different if it wasn’t for this amazingly innovative model. Although the number of sold PWC has grown significantly after this model was released, the fact is that the rental industry was also witnessing some really positive results because the people were very interested in trying this small watercraft.

WaveRunner III 650

Four years later the third WaveRunner hit the market. This one had slightly larger hull and more powerful engine. Thanks to its smooth operation and improved stability, WaveRunner III 650 was used as a benchmark for all later models. Even the latest models produced by Yamaha are based on this model. It has a reverse drive and it was introduced as the first three-passenger model in the world. One of the reasons why this model became so popular is its durability which was confirmed by the Spanish thrill-seeker Marichalar who managed to travel for about 1350 miles from Spain to Italy with this watercraft.

WaveRunner GP 1200R

With a 155 hp engine and completely changed body and hull, WaveRunner GP 1200R was expected to overcome the downsides of the previous Yamaha pwc model. Judging by the reactions of the public Yamaha designers made it. It was one of the fastest and most beautiful-looking watercrafts at that time. Rider who were looking for high-performance pwcs were really satisfied with this model. Severla riders won reputable competitions with this model.

WaveRunner FX140

It is a well-known fact that companies like Yamaha always tends to bring innovations through their products in order to stay on the top of the market. WaveRunner FX140 for example, included four-stroke engine which made it the first PWC model of this type in the world. This model was known for the good fuel consumption, perfect exhaust and excellent engine performance. It comes with few specific parts that were later used in some other PWCs. Those worried about finding these parts should know that used waverunner parts are easy to find especially if you use the Internet.

WaveRunner VX Deluxe

As the name suggests, this particular model of Yamaha PWC was designed for riders that want to witness the full potential of four-stroke engine models. Although this model comes with outstanding quality this didn’t affect the price much. What makes this model unique is the improved four-cylinder engine found in every FX high-output model. The hull was also radically changed.

WaveRunner FX Cruiser High Output (VX 700)

The cruiser concept in this model is emphasized even more and the colored hull speaks about this PWC’s own “personality”. The designer team in Yamaha included several new features in this model including the sporty-looking analog meter panel. WaveRunner VX700 comes with a two-stroke engine with 700 cc placed on the well-known VX hull.

WaveRunner Super Jet

Rius Racing was the team that first tested this exciting new hull. The main differences in this 2008 model is the longer ride plate, shorter handle pole, improved ergonomics and shorter handler pole spring.

WaveRunner FZR

Yamaha is always interested to provide sports riders some exclusive models and their FZR is surely one of those models. The 1.8 liter Supercharged engine is still competitive with the latest engines although this one was unveiled about 6 years ago. The acceleration is super fast, the stability is great and what’s even best is the low fuel consumption and low emission of toxic gases.

WaveRunner VX Sport

When VX series were introduced on the market they became an instant hit. In 2010 this series have experienced an upgrade which resulted in WaveRunner VX Sport model. This PWC has one of the best quality and efficiency of fuel and it distinctive black hull will make any rider stand out from the crowd.
All these models witness why Yamaha PWC solutions are one of the most desired solutions today and why the demand for used WaveRunner parts is growing every year.