SeaDoo Bombardier Parts

Bombardier Recreational Products is a company founded in 1942 in Canada. It was once part of Bombardier Inc. a multinational conglomerate, but in 2003 this Canadian giant sold their Recreational product Division to three investors. Bombardier Inc. started as a manufacturer of snowmobiles and it later included mass transportation equipment, recreational equipment, aircraft equipment and similar products. In the 1970s they have created several models of all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles too. This is also the period when their first sailboat from the Invitation class was introduced to the public. But, what is even more interesting are their jet ski models.

Sea-Doo Bombardier

In the late 1960s, Bombardier teamed up with Clayton Jacobson a respected personal watercraft architect. In 1968 they have produced their first PWC together with Jacobson. This was a sit-down runabout model. 1969 was the year when another so-called Sea-Doo pwc with twin cylinder engine with 372 cc was designed. However, since they lack success they’ve abandoned the project and left Jacobson to develop these models on his own.
About 18 years later in 1988 Bombardier made a spectacular return on this market with their first (new generation) Sea-Doo model- 5820. This model was a typical personal watercraft which met all the standards of that time. This time their story was different. Sea-Doo Bombardier had positive reception among PWC enthusiasts and this initial success stimulated the team behind Sea-Doo 5802 to continue with the production of new and original watercrafts. Today Sea-Doo Bombardier is one of the biggest personal watercraft manufacturers of all time. What they are known for is the unconventional approach in the design and performance of these jet skis. Even older models can work well if their malfunctioning parts are replaced with used seadoo parts. Luckily, thanks to the popularity of these watercrafts it is quite easy to find seadoo pwc parts on the market. Now let’s check some of the most popular models of this established brand.

Most Popular Seadoo Bombardier Models

Sea-Doo 5802

This list can’t be started without the first model that actually grabbed the attention of the public. This model was designed as a 2-passenger watercraft. However, according to many experts the hull is too small for two passengers. This sit-down model is still used by many PWC fans who keep this watercraft in perfect condition by using authentic used seadoo parts and BRP oil.

Sea-Doo SP (1989)

As expected, Sea-Doo team didn’t stop with this model and they have tried to upgrade their first model with a completely new 2-stroke engine. The Sea-Doo SP from 1989 has a removable seat that allows riders to reach the engine area very easy. The new squared look of the hull was applied in the next few models.

Sea-Doo GT (1990)

In the third year after 5802 SP was revealed, Sea-Doo Bombardier presented the GT model. This three-passenger model had solid hull which allowed users to perform various stunts and to have a lot of fun in the waters, but the feeling was that the watercraft isn’t too stable when three passengers were on board. However, this was their first model that had reverse option.

Sea-Doo XP (1991)

The Sea-Doo XP model was using some of the features of GT and SP. For example, the hull was very similar to the one found in Sea-Doo SP and it also had a twin engine with 587 cc. This was the first time for Sea-Doo Bombardier to use mirrors on the hood. In order to ease the process of re-boarding they have also added a nice rear grab handle. However, after extensive use this handle can be damaged and that’s why this rear handle is one of the most wanted used seadoo parts on the market today.

Sea-Doo XP (1993)

In 1993 riders from around the globe had the chance to try the new and improved Sea-Doo XP. The main change was in the engine. The old 587 was replaced with a more powerful 657 cc which certainly affected the maximum speed and the acceleration. Thanks to the bronze vanes implemented in the pump the durability of this model was improved too. This was the time for Sea-Doo to improve the hull’s design and the final product was a modern model with futuristic design.

Sea-Doo GTX (2004)

Although this GTX model was released few years earlier, this time Sea-Doo Bomabrdier has decided to use a 4-TEC engine. There were several different sub-models – GTI with 717 cc, GTI LE with the same capacity and GTI LE RFI with 878 cc. These supercharged models with 4_TEC engines were having some difficulties when it comes to the drive. The main problem was that the clutch discs were breaking easily. It is very expensive to clean the pieces of these discs from the oil system. Many owners are buying used SeaDoo parts especially clutch discs to eliminate this problem.

Sea-Doo GTX Wake

In 2005, Sea-Doo Bombardier revealed one of the rare PWC models exclusively designed for wakeboarding and other similar sport activities. This is still one of the most popular models known for its easy maneuverability, excellent performance and low price.

Sea-Doo RXP (2007)

This is another interesting model with 155 hp. This is also one of the most controversial models of seadoo pwc solutions because of the power of the engine and the design of the PWC. However, all experts agree that this less powerful solution is ideal for those who are beginning to enjoy the beauties of this activity. One big advantage is the solution in the steering. Sea-Doo RXP comes with more vertical steering column.

Sea-Doo iS

Sea-Doo iS is not a particular model, but a concept used in new seadoo pwc models. iS is an abbreviation for Intelligent Suspension. This concept is emphasizing Sea-Doo Bombardier’s efforts to create high quality, electronically sophisticated watercrafts. They come with intelligent throttle and suspension and top notch brakes. The problems with stability that occurred because of the increased power was solved with metal washers which are now part of every supercharged model.